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Remote Monitoring Service

The RMS Team provides relief from the daily responsibilities of monitoring, trouble shooting and resolving tasks associated with operating a B2B / EDI system. Depending on your companies need , you can use RMS for as many or as few of your daily EDI activities as you choose.

To get things started, we collaborate with you to determine which of your activities could be handled by RMS. Following that, we conduct a thorough analysis of your daily EDI business processes.


This includes identifying what departments are directly impacted by EDI, the contact persons for those departments, and their critical information needs. The end result of this analysis is a document that will detail your EDI business process and enable the RMS Team to manage your EDI operations. Monitoring services are available through annual subscriptions or on an as-required basis, You can request monitoring cover for your key individuals during vacations or extended absences. The RMS's scope is fully determined by you.

Advint365’s RMS professionals will monitor your system at key times throughout the day. To be as efficient and proactive as possible, our RMS Team will setup Activity Alert processes to be used to provide visual intelligence and generate alerts pertaining to your key events. This ensures RMS team is notified about your critical events and important data, allowing RMS to react quickly and effectively.

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